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Why work with All In Flavour?

All In Flavour themed phone case collections are now available for business order. We provide our phone cases at highly competitive prices ensuring our products are a viable investment for potential partners. The packaging for B2B orders is alternate to that of customer order. The products are supplied with individual packaging sporting a transparent front and hang hole which creates a product that is ready to be stocked in stores. Our cases align with the trends within the existing fashion market aiming at the young female population, therefore if your target audience is of similarity our products are likely to fly off the shelves within your store. All In Flavour builds relationships with our business partners to ensure that B2B operations run efficiently.

How we work with B2B partners

All In Flavour B2B orders are client focused. We work with our partners to agree upon a product sales strategy that corresponds to the requirements of both parties. Large quantity orders are an option; our partners pay our B2B fee per case and sell within their outlet. The alternate method is our offer of drop shipment. We provide drop shipment services to our business consumers whereby we produce and send the product directly to the consumer, reducing the labour time and maintenance for the B2B partner.

Contact Us

To enquire about All In Flavour B2B orders please email and one of our team will get back to you right away. Or contact us on +31 (0)85 065 4661 to discuss the B2B options.