Payment methods

Placing an order on the website of All in Flavour is easy. Despite this, we want to be sure we have explained everything about submitting an order or paying it.

If you have questions left after reading this page, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact-button in the Questions tab at the top of the page.

How it works

When you selected your unique case on All in Flavour and pressed 'order', your product is shown in the shopping cart. Eventually you can adjust the number of products you want to order there.

How to pay your order

We support a variety of payments methods. You can select one after you proceed with buying your case. Methods include:

PayPal logo


PayPal is safe and quick option with which you can pay for orders without having do to fill out bank or credit card details. The number of payments via this method is growing fast worldwide. The significant growth and trust from customers worldwide ensures PayPal to be very reliable.

Mastercard logo


Use your mastercard credit card. You can enter your credit card details at the checkout and we will directly withdraw money from it. Your payment is conducted in a secure environment and we guarantee to protect your details.

Visa logo


You can also use your visa credit card. Your transaction is processed during the checkout in a secure environment, so you can trust us to keep your details safe