iPhone 7/8 Plus Hard case Graphic Rug

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This Graphic Rug Hard case for the iPhone 7 Plus was made for you. It is the accessory that your precious Apple device was missing. It is crafted with the finest materials to ensure you are getting what you deserve.

Protective Hard case that will shield your iPhone 7 Plus

iPhones are delicate creatures and we want you to have your iPhone 7 Plus for a long time. This case will dress your Apple device for every occasion and protect it from minor falls, scratches and chocs. Get yourself a peace of mind.

Graphic Rug iPhone 7 Plus cover for improved usage

This iPhone 7 Plus Hard case will give you life. We have made it so your grip on your iPhone will be firmer and less slippery for safety purposes but it also has a style to die for. Give yourself this treat, you deserve it.

More Information
More Information
Compatible with iPhone 7 Plus / 8 Plus
Type of case Hard case