About All in Flavour

Yes, you finally found it! That moment you come across the perfect phone case for you, makes you feel a bit euphoric. After you expressed your joy you come to a sudden realisation : I have a wonderful phone case. Next to being super happy you are immediately curious:  Who is behind All in Flavour?



Michel Lindhoud

Founder & marketer

Michel is a number addict. Are the figures too low? Then he kicks himself in the ass and makes sure that the website will improve. He understood how to guide you to our checkout. He is a real know-it-all and that’s why after his study he became one of the main captains of the company. His goal? Spreading these badass cases around the world. 


Mike Sies

Founder & developer

Thanks to Mike's skills you browse through our website with great ease. At some point you start thinking that the website is already being fully optimized, yet Mike still says he can improve it. He is a pro on every subject, except shaving and trimming his beard. He loves to pass his knowledge to the rest of the team. During lunch break he brings up everybody's energy level as a DJ - motivating them to make the best phone cases.


Geert-Johan Riemer

Co-owner & Developer

Do you have a technical problem? Geert-Johan (GJ) will fix it for you. The fingers on his keyboard move as fast as a professional piano player's. GJ is building our systems, so we can work efficiently and you are served in the best way possible.


Naomi Goldsteen


Naomi ‘the creator’ loves to break boundaries for the sake of a better result. As a photostylist, graphic designer and true Netflix-lover, there is never a dull moment when she is around. Whether it’s the cactus on your desk, or someone eating a donut, as designer of the All in Flavour collection she is able to find inspiration in the simplicity of life.


Amandine Meunier

Writer English and French

We’ve got all the texts on our website on fleek thanks to this lady! Creative with words both in English and French, oui oui! She never gets lost in translation, not Amandine, not ever.