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Moroccan Rugs phone case traveling woman

Moroccan Rugs

Treasure hunt through our most cuddly collection of phone cases so far and find the case you’ve been looking for. With one of our warm and fuzzy prints you’ll find yourself in colourful, faraway places. So, pour yourself a nice cup of fresh Moroccan mint tea and discover your own favourite case in our “Moroccan Rugs” collection.

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Quote design for every phone case
Graphic rug moroccan rugs phone case

Exotic Plants phone cases

Our Exotic Plants phone cases are a must for the green finger within us. The plus: no need to water the plants, our coloured cacti and bananaleaf cases will always look great. So, take a seat in your garden or the park and relax with our greenest phone covers.

Exotic plants phone case collection
Marble phone case Kind is the new Cool

Get your phone stoned

Get stoned with the Marble Moods collectionBe inspired by our “Eat Sleep Create” or “Good Things take Time” slogans or choose one of our basic marble cases. Marble is know for elegance so opt for this collection and create a device that is beautifully protected. 

All in Flavour Good Things hard case